‘Controlled Adult, Unpredictable Child’

'Controlled Adult, Unpredictable Child'

Piles of paper cut outs for experimentation, paint buckets, measuring tapes, wood samples, machinery, ugly working clothes and layers of dust are now gladly swept away and settled back in the garage.
Out comes the pop-up house, on which I have been working for the past year.

It is now being exhibited at the MCAST Art and Design Institute, Malta, along with other interesting artworks produced by my fellow classmates.

It has been a great experience from which I have learnt tons of new things, developed ideas and tested my ability of working in such a big scale.
As the title of the artwork suggests (‘Controlled Adult, Unpredictable Child’), the development of the installation was a collaboration with children, having them guiding me back to my childhood ways of thinking…and sometimes also acting 🙂 Starting from paper collages and moving on to paper pop-ups, a wooden construction resembling the function of a paper pop-up house was the result.
The structure’s playful distortions, as well as the idea of the pop-up itself, represent the child’s artistic expression. However its scale, its construction as well as its architectural features represent my artistic expression as an adult, aiming to combine both artistic expressions together.

Despite the desperate moments such intense hard work puts you in, bringing up this exhibition along with my classmates has been also a thrilling experience I will never forget!!


I think I ‘m in love!

I think I 'm in love!

Skimming through Facebook, I came across this Japanese artist called Kouichi Chiba.

I never gave much thought about whether I believe in love at first sight, but after seeing these artworks, I must say that love at first sight just happened to me 😛

This artist manages to create a whole new world out of paper characters. He introduces the viewer to the adventurous life of these fragile but romantic characters, where he instills a feel good effect, having the viewer almost wanting to join in the fun and play around with these tiny people.

You can view more of Kouichi Chiba’s works here: http://500px.com/Chibi2012
Definitely worth a look!! 😉

Video Portfolio

This video is a collection of artworks I have produced throughout the past 2 years. Buildings, architecture and the element of play are what inspire me the most. I consider my work to be a mixture and a bridge between an adult- and a child-oriented artistic universe. Installation, collage, digital manipulation and lately illustration have been my favourite media, expressing best what I have in mind.

A Review by Local Artist Mariam De Giorgio

“It’s very interesting that the same artist who so colourfully and skillfully depicted her friends, is also able to reduce so much the complexity of her art and draw exactly as a child would.”

Looking through the work of Claudia Chircop is like a journey spanning from the imagination of a child to the artistic expression of a mature person, who is strongly opinionated about specific social issues. The twenty-year-old fine artist’s strong pieces are her colourful digital illustrations, photography and cut-out paper collages, showing almost an obsession with pointed houses. Chircop’s characterisations of people from her circle show the artist’s skill and enjoyment in portraying familiar personalities. These illustrations, created using digital media and a colourful palette, have a small caption describing the character of the subject.Chircop describes her subjects, both in her depictions as well as in her textual captions, in such a way that would make anyone feel happy about himself.

Self Portrait

Characters- Self Portrait, Drawing and Digital Art

Her cut-out paper collages also convey positivity and a sense of play. As if coming from the creative imagination of a child, Chircop’s collages of roads, pointed houses and other structures are fun to see. Some collages make fun of the viewer’s mind by using unreal symmetry and disproportion which never annoy your observation. Yet the same artist can also photographically capture blue-dyed dolls, powerfully conveying the horrors of child abuse. The skill is not only in the choice of props, but also in their manipulation and the angle of view of the photographs. Particularly noteworthy are the close-up photos of her collection called “Blue – Child abuse awareness”. Chircop’s digital manipulation collection also conveys a certain eerie note. Some of her works are photos of houses, balconies and roofs, with depictions of figures standing on the buildings or floating in mid-air.


Digital Manipulation- A combination of Photography and Child Art

Childhood clearly inspires the artist. The figures, drawn with very simple black lines, look like an imaginative friend that a lonely child would draw. It’s very interesting that the same artist who so colourfully and skilfully depicted her friends, is also able to reduce so much the complexity of her art and draw exactly as a child would. Claudia Chircop’s art is a mixture and a bridge between an adult- and a child-oriented artistic universe.

To view Claudia Chircop’s portfolio visit: http://www.behance.net/claudiachircop

Writer’s Biography

Mariam De Giorgio was born in Hamrun, Malta in 1991. She lived in Manila and Panay, in the Philippines, with her family for five years. After graduating with a Higher Nation Diploma in Fine Arts (2011), Mariam exhibited her work in Flavours, the annual exhibition of the MCAST Institute of Art & Design. Later she took part in the Malta Design Week in Valletta, October 2011. Recently she exhibited in An Educated Guess hosted at Hotel Splendid, in Strait Street, Valletta and in 6:6 at Lily’s Gallery, Sliema. Mariam has successfully graduated in B.A (Hons) in Fine Arts in 2012.






This little happy guy works at the cinema- hence the outfit. I never really saw him in his uniform, however this is how I imagine him…patiently waiting for lovers to hand their ticket, before watching a romantic movie.
The tiny florescent test tubes in his shirt pocket represent the extravagant science related art projects he comes up with year after year.



Another smoking marathoner. After spending two months in Germany with this little bun, the smell associated with that wonderful experience is cigarette smoke.
She seems to have a love affair with her beige beanie all year through, rightly so, because it suites her very well.
She finds fish fascinating, hence the little motive on her jumper. Once when visiting an art museum, she noticed an aquarium…and spent the whole visit saying ‘hello’ to the little fish whilst knocking on the glass. I highly doubt the requited love in that, but anyway 😛
Oh and by the way…yes I know the cigarette is in reverse…



The silent Bob. The one who can hold nearly an entire conversation without speaking a word. Usually just raises an eyebrow or blinks…and the message is through. In fact he’s better at communicating non verbally, otherwise either one does not hear him speak, or else he talks about the most complex theories one can find in the universe. Also known for his chaotic tattoos. I simplified them, especially the one on his right hand side.
One usually finds him on the orange sofa playing that good old three cord guitar.
He smokes more than a century old chimney, but despite this, the class looks up to him both for artistic advice and when it comes to serious decision making.



Her ever-changing hair colour is typical of Sarah, and to no surprise, she recently decided to colour it blue. After finishing this drawing, I realized that she had already changed it to greenish brown…but no, I will not be changing her hair colour now 😛 For all I know she might actually be dyeing her hair pink, as we speak!
Ok I might be slightly exaggerating just for the fun of it! 😉

Her green dress is one of my favourite so I chose to portray her in this lovely outfit, just for the sake of compensating the hair colour 😛
Kidding by the way…I love your hair 😉



This is how I would imagine Rene if he were to be born a couple of years earlier in time. One typically finds the traditional guy in the corner of the class, eating a heavenly ‘ftira bit-ton taz-zejt’ and laughing about its classic odour. He also characteristically likes to use prehistoric Maltese words when talking and is highly intrigued when he hears someone making use of such phrases as well.
I actually imagine him to be a very good poet.
Despite the fact that he likes listening to Trance, I must say that he is truly a talented DJ and songwriter.

Go Renzooo!!